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Timeless, solo album

Now available online at the WOMAD shop.

Listen to samples and buy online from CD Baby Buy the CD

Also available as digital download so check your favourite sites. iTunes direct link.

The album was mixed in England by Stuart Bruce at RealWorld's Millside Studio and mastered by Yuka Koizumi at Orange in Tokyo. It was recorded at Troy Horse in Sydney with co-production and co-arrangement by Peter Kennard. Overdubbing was completed in Tokyo at Stephen McKnight's Thermal Studios, Andy Bevan's Ahatanada Studios and Akira Inoue's Pablo Workshop. The music could be loosely termed as pop with a strong World flavor. Music samples will be coming soon.

The album is an Enhanced CD, with a music video by Yoshino Kohei. Julianne spent several months on the artwork and design, which has turned into quite the collector's item, consisting of a 3 panel digipak cover with 24 page colour song booklet full of beautiful images.

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remix news

The final track from Timeless, And I Love To Say Goodbye has been remixed by Moussa Clark, and also by Valid Evidence. The Moussa Clark remix was released on DJ 19's compailation, Party 4 The Weekend click here to listen to a sample. The album also features remixes of Ambrozia's Samba Samba Se and It's U.

Ramana Maharishi's words set to music

Late last year Julianne recorded vocals on composer/clarinet player Huw Lloyd's upcoming album. Huw composed some very cool and quirky jazz tunes to words by Ramana Maharishi. The album was recorded live in a hall in Kamakura and the mix is now getting its final tweaks.


Ambrozia features DJ 19, Edison and Julianne.

Lifetime, Real 4 Life, Velvet.

Over the past few years Ambrozia have been released songs on separate compilation albums and as remixes. For the latest Ambrozia updates and further information on previous compilations and remixes, you can also check out DJ 19's website.

Tales of the Heart

An instrumental album of ambient solo piano music. Released in Australia in 1989 this album was inspired by Julianne's life in the Blue Mountains, Australia - with a focus on emotional expression, often using cyclic motifs, inspired by the natural cycles found in nature.

From the cover notes: "Tales of the Heart reflects the early stage of my five year stay in the mountains, it's literally a collection of musical stories and tales from the heart, which tell of my thoughts and feelings during a period of constant change."

The album, originally released through Inspired Music, is currently out of print with plans for re-release under way.

Ambient Album Project with Peter Kennard

After the intensive tracking for the Sydney Timeless sessions, Julianne and Peter K disappeared into the studio again for two days and recorded tracks for this collaborative project. Julianne's voice and piano/keyboards are beautifully complemented by Peter K's lovely textures of bells, gongs and assorted other instruments.
Peter and Julianne recently pulled the sessions out of the archives, gave them a good dusting, and updated them to a more currently useable format for further listening/polishing.
Verdict: hang in there, though don't hold your breath, but hey it'll be worth the wait!

Ambient Album Project with Bruce Heubner

Julianne and versatile shakuhachi player, Bruce Heubner have begun writing music together on an album project. Expect a lot of meditative space with this one folks. This is currently on the backburner but will be revitalized soon!